Endocrine Consultants of Texas

Endocrine Consultants of Texas has been providing outstanding Thyroid, Endocrine and Diabetes Care to our patients in the greater Houston area. Our accomplished Endocrinologist Dr. Michelle Zaniewski-Singh is Board Certified, well recognized, published and accomplished in her field. Dr Zaniewski-Singh has practiced near her current location in Houston since 1982.

We strive for excellence in providing the most up to date Endocrine care, diagnosis and treatment for our patients in a friendly, caring and professional manner, personalized to the needs of our patients.

Our specialists deal with disorders of the Endocrine system. These conditions include thyroid disorders, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, pituitary disorders, growth hormone deficiency, pituitary tumors, parathyroid disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetes Insipidus, ovarian disease, testosterone deficiency, adrenal disease, osteoporosis, osteopenia, Vitamin D deficiency, cholesterol and triglyceride disorders.

Our facility in Houston provides state of the art care. We have the first accredited dedicated Thyroid/ Parathyroid ultrasound laboratory in the United States. As well as thyroid and parathyroid ultrasonography we perform ultrasound guided thyroid and lymph node biopsies. We are licensed in radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism and for thyroid cancer. We provide comprehensive assessment and state of the art care in treating diabetes. We have been active in medical research since 2002. Our current research studies are in development of new drugs for diabetes. See our services page for a more complete list of our services.

We welcome new patients and we participate in most insurance plans. We reserve appointment times for new patients so that we are able to arrange to see them soon.

Our staff and our physicians share a team approach to treating our patients.

Our goal is to try to educate and empower our patients to help them manage their illness and health.

Our Doctors and employees speak English, Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, Ukrainian and Russian.

Endocrine Consultants of Texas

17070 Red Oak Drive,  Suite 103, Houston, TX 77090
Phone : (281) 580-7401 / Fax: (281) 580-3006

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