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Laboratory Information

Blood Testing Locations:

Please contact your insurance company to determine which laboratories your insurance company covers. Most cover Quest or LabCorp, Houston Northwest Medical Center or all of these.

For laboratory testing results we have computer accounts with Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and Houston Northwest Medical Center. If you go to any of these three in the greater Houston Metropolitan and Montgomery County area, using the requisition we give you from our computer account, we should automatically receive the results when we look them up in the Quest, LabCorp or Houston Northwest computer system.

If your blood is drawn in another doctor’s office, by another hospital or if you use a requisition from another doctor we usually will not receive the results. The HIPPA privacy laws prevent the lab from giving us the results under these circumstances. If your name is spelled incorrectly by the lab we will not receive the results. Laboratory technicians in other hospitals may state that the results will be sent to us but rarely do they even know which doctors are on staff in their institution or contracted with them.

Usually they do not know who is on their institution’s distribution list. If you have your lab test done at any other location we cannot guarantee that the lab does the correct test and we cannot be responsible for the results. If you have your lab tests done elsewhere or under any other numerical account you will be solely responsible for personally obtaining the results, sending them to our office and confirming that we receive them at least 48 hours before your appointment or 3 days after having your tests done,whichever comes first.

We call our patients about urgent results after we receive them. If the results are normal or abnormal but not urgent we discuss them with the patient on the next visit.

We check the laboratory computer systems one day before your scheduled appointment if we have not already received the results. If for some reason you cancel your appointment or reschedule to a much later date, please call us to confirm that we have received your results and that the delay would not be harmful to your health. Do not assume that no news is good news; It could mean that we have not received your results.

Please confirm with us, before you leave the office, whether or not a test is to be done fasting.

If you have a urinalysis done at the lab, they should give you instructions for the clean catch midstream urinalysis procedure. Please check with them if you don’t receive instructions from them.

If you have a 24 hour urine collection test please empty your bladder before starting the test. When you are about to finish the test please make sure that all the urine in your bladder goes in to the collection. The lab should tell you whether or not the specimen needs refrigeration.

Stimulation testing such as the ACTH stimulation test or the TRH test is done fasting at Houston Northwest Medical Center. It must be scheduled in advance. You will be given directions by our office if this test is required.

Dr. Zaniewski has a miniscule financial interest in Houston Northwest Medical Center amounting to approximately 0.0003. She has no financial interest in the Memorial Hospital System. Dr Komarovskiy has no financial interest in the hospital.

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