Endocrine Consultants of Texas


Please bring a complete, up-to-date list of all medications you take or bring the bottles and packages with you to each visit. Many herbal supplements, minerals and vitamins interact with medications. We need to know everything that you are taking.

We do not fill prescriptions on weekends or after office hours. If you need a refill please have your pharmacy contact us at least 3 days in advance. Please make sure that they request the correct dosage and the correct medication. We practice Endocrinology, so we ask that you obtain antibiotics, pain pills, tranquillizers, psychoactive drugs and non-Endocrine medications from your family physician or whoever else treats you for these conditions.

We ask that you please obtain all the refills that you need, of drugs that we prescribe for you at the time of your visit to last until your next visit. Please arrange in advance to have your follow-up visit prior to running out of medication. If you need a three or six month refill from a mail order pharmacy please make sure that you have scheduled an office visit 2 weeks earlier to avoid running out of medication.

If you request a refill your chart has to be pulled from the files and reviewed by a physician to okay the refill. This is a time consuming and expensive process for us. It is much easier for our office to fill verbal or fax prescriptions than electronic prescriptions. If your pharmacy requests an electronic prescription for us it takes much more labor for us to fill out several fields on several pages. There may be a $2.00 fee. We do not want you to run out of medication and we do not want you to be on the wrong medication. Please help us by letting us know your needs at the time of your visit.

Endocrine Consultants of Texas

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